Hair Jigs

Hair Jigs work well for catching smallmouth bass. Anglers usually use hair jigs to target smallmouth bass in deeper water.  Smallmouth bass are usually found over some type of offshore structure or suspended near bait fish in open water during the summer and fall months.  If you can present a hair jig at the proper depths, you can definitely have some success catching smallmouth bass.

Best Ways to Fish Hair Jigs for Smallmouth Bass

Drop Shot Rig & Hair Jigs

A drop shot rig and hair jig is a great way to catch smallmouth bass.  Fish them shallow or deep.  Tip with with live bait or not.  Either way, it’s a great way to fish for smallmouth bass.

Bobbers or Slip Bobbers & Hair Jigs

A well placed bobber or slip bobber and hair jig can work well for suspended bass.  Use this method with your favorite live bait and you can do very well for smallies.

Use Hair Jigs with Live Bait for Murky Water Presentations

In murkier water, a hair jig can be a great way to present your live baits while fishing for smallmouth bass.  The hair jig allows them to find your bait easier and in murkier water, this helps more bass to see your bait.  They have no problem eating a lively bait attached to a hair jig so you don’t have to worry about this setup not looking as natural.  In clear water, you may get more bites by dropping the hair jig and just using a regular hook, but in murky water, this hair jig will help you catch a lot more bass.