Fishing with Squid as Bait

Fishing with Live Bait & Natural Baits

Squid are very effective for a variety of inshore and offshore species.  You can buy squid fresh or frozen at bait shops and fish markets.  Using the whole squid will work for striped bass, bluefish and redfish.  For most other species, a strip of squid will work just fine.

How to Catch Squid

Squid can be challenging to catch and for many anglers, they will need access to a boat to find them.  However, if you can find some squid, they can be caught with a variety of squid jigs.

Using Squid as Bait

Squid make great bait.  Some anglers use live squid for bigger fish, while most anglers will use fresh or frozen squid that they buy from a bait shop.  These squid will be dead, so cut bait is the way to go with this bait.  Cut it into strips or chunks and fish it on your favorite bottom rig to catch a variety of different fish.

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