Summer Flounder inhabit coastal and estuarine waters during the spring, summer and fall months, then they move to offshore waters during the winter.  Most summer flounder are between 2 – 4 pounds, although 15 – 20 pound fish are not uncommon.  Winter Flounder spend the summer offshore in deeper waters, then they come back into the shallow coastal estuaries, rivers and bays during the winter.

Fishing Rigs

You won’t need too many rigs for flounder fishing.  Keep it simple with a few live bait rigs and you are good to go.

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Live & Natural Baits

Flounder will eat a variety of baits.  Minnows, pinfish and shrimp are probably the best baits, but don’t rule out some of the other bait fish too.

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Rod & Reel Recommendations

Medium to medium-heavy action rods will work fine for flounder.

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Fishing Line Recommendations

10 to 15 pound line will work fine with a 20 pound fluorocarbon leader.

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Eating Flounder

Flounder are some of the finest tasting fish in the sea.  They are easy to fillet and the meat holds its flavor for a long time while frozen.