Whiting are found mostly in the surf along the beaches.  This is one of the most popular fish to catch in the surf because they are plentiful along the Atlantic coast and throughout the Gulf coast.  Whiting are also found on sand and mud-bottoms around piers, bridges, in the passes, sounds and inlets.

Fishing Rigs

You don’t need a bunch of different rigs for whiting.  Keep it simple with a good bottom rig and you are good to go.

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Live & Natural Baits

Whiting love shrimp and can be caught on a variety of cut baits as well.

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Rod & Reel Recommendations

Medium action spinning rods will work just fine.

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Fishing Line Recommendations

You can keep it light when fishing for whiting.  10 to 12 pound line will work fine, but some anglers do bump it up to 20 pound line or will use a 20 pound fluorocarbon leader.  The reason for this has nothing to do with whiting, but the other fish that may bite you off and make you have to re-tie.

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Eating Whiting

Whiting are good for eating.  Because most fish are in the one pound range, most anglers will fry them, but bigger fish can be baked and even grilled on aluminum foil.