Best Ways to Catch Big Whiting

It’s All About the Destination

The destination is key as always, but whiting will continue to move with their seasonal migrations, so the destination could be different if you’re coming down to the beaches in May or July.  Follow their migrations and you can have a better chance to find the schools of whiting.  It’s hard to catch big whiting if none are around.

Upsize Your Baits Slightly

Big whiting aren’t going to be that big, so you can upsize your baits slightly, but don’t go so big that you aren’t going to catch any whiting.  Larger shrimp or pieces of cut bait are good choices.

Fish a Little Deeper in the Surf

The shallow parts of the surf will hold a lot of whiting.  Some of the bigger fish will stay just a little deeper, so if you’re trying to catch a bigger whiting, cast your baits out just a little beyond the surf.  If you can find the troughs along the beaches, you will have more success.  These spots have a little deeper water, but are still right in the surf.