Best Ways to Catch Lots of Whiting

It’s All About the Destination

Whiting will migrate up the beaches during the summer and then back down in the fall.  Florida is your best bet, but you can catch them up the Atlantic Coast and along the Gulf Coast too in mid-summer.  If you can find where the larger schools of these fish are, you will catch a lot more fish.  You can follow the local fishing reports and that will help you keep an eye out for the better fishing spots.  When whiting move in strong, people will talk.

Fish the Tidal Changes

The tidal changes are much better than a slack tide, so make sure to fish the tidal changes if you want to catch more whiting.

Use Live Bait

Use live bait instead of cut bait.  Lively shrimp will catch more whiting most of the time when compared to dead baits.

Fish Shallow in the Surf

You will find good numbers of whiting very shallow just past the surf or right in the surf.  Many people cast too far.  Fish for some of these fish in the shallow water and you’ll catch more fish.