Best Live & Natural Baits

Cut bait can be very effective for catching whiting.  You can use a variety of different fish as cut bait, however, some people swear that cut whiting actually is the best bait to use.  Most anglers use what they catch, so cut pinfish and sand perch are usually the cut baits of choice for most anglers.  Live shrimp can be more effective, but when you don’t have shrimp, cut bait can work too.

Sand fleas are an excellent bait for whiting.  Many surf anglers will catch them and use them as bait.  Fish them on your favorite bottom rig and you’ll catch some whiting.  It’s one of the better baits to use.

Live shrimp is very hard to beat.  The smaller sized shrimp works great for whiting.  You can also use cut pieces of shrimp as well.  The frozen shrimp will work, but use fresh shrimp whenever you can and you’ll get more bites.