Spotted sea trout are mostly found inshore.  They can be found on grass flats, near bridges, piers, jetties, docks, in the surf, in bays and in tidal creeks.  Sea trout will be found inshore year-round, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular among saltwater anglers.

Fishing Rigs

There are a variety of rigs that anglers use when targeting sea trout.  From live bait to lures, there are many ways to fish for a variety of sea trout.

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Live & Natural Baits

Sea trout will eat many different things from minnows to shrimp to larger bait fish.  In this section, we will go over the more popular baits that anglers use to catch sea trout.

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Rod & Reel Recommendations

For most trout, you won’t need to go super heavy with your tackle, but in some situations, you do want to have strong enough tackle to handle a big fish.  Most anglers use medium to medium heavy action rods and anglers will use spinning gear, baitcasters and fly fishing gear to catch sea trout.

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Fishing Line Recommendations

You don’t have to go super heavy when fishing for sea trout, but there are so many toothy critters in salt water, so you have to have the proper gear so you’re not getting bit off constantly.  Anglers can usually get away with 10 to 12 pound test line for sea trout, but most will do so with a 20 pound flourocarbon leader and some will go heavier with their main line and their leader.

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Eating Sea Trout

Sea trout taste good and the meat has a nice texture.  Some anglers prefer to put these fish on ice immediately after catching them to preserve the quality of the meat.  You can eat sea trout many different ways.  Anglers will bake, grill and fry spotted sea trout.  Speckled trout is the most popular type of sea trout that people eat because they are so prevalent in many of the popular saltwater destinations.