Best Rigs

This is a great rig for targeting sea trout, especially when they are found in a little deeper water.  Anglers like using this rig when fishing from the surf, the piers, around bridges and other areas that have some current and have some depth too.

Because sea trout are often in the shallows, a simple bobber and lively shrimp will catch a lot of fish.  Live baits work well too under a bobber.

The drop shot rig is a great rig for fishing shallow and deep.  Rig live baits, dead baits or soft plastics on the drop shot rig and you will catch some fish.

A simple jighead and shrimp is one of the easiest ways to fish for sea trout.  Use bait fish or soft plastics too and you’ll catch plenty of trout with a jighead.

The popping cork can really get trout into a feeding mood.  It won’t always work, but when the bite is on, the popping cork can help attract more fish to your bait quicker which will equal a lot more fish on the day.  This is a good shallow water rig to use, especially when they are schooled up and feeding.