In the spring, it is all about the white bass runs up the rivers.  This is the time of year that anglers catch them by the dozens.  You can still fish for them in lakes and have a blast doing so, but if you want to catch white bass, you need to do some research about these major spawning runs that drive thousands of fish into the rivers.  The fishing can be a lot of fun during this time of year.


In the summer, it’s all about the baitfish.  White bass will follow the bait fish throughout the lakes and river systems.  Find the bait fish and you should do well.  Small crankbaits, spinners and jigs or live bait will get the job done.  Cover water, use your electronics and don’t be set one one single spot just because it produced in the past.  These fish will move quite a bit if the bait fish are moving.  The summer bite can be very good as these fish will school up in big numbers.


The bite will stay strong through the fall.  Some fish move back into the rivers, which makes it a little easier to target them for many anglers.  White bass may often be found shallower in the fall as the bait fish move back into the shallows with cooler water temperatures.


Most anglers don’t target white bass through the ice, however, down south, there are plenty of lakes worth fishing for white bass.  It is similar to late fall fishing up north.  Fish deeper and find the bait fish.  They will likely school up around the bait balls.

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