Blade Baits

Blade baits work well for white bass.  When you can find a school of white bass over deeper water, a well-placed blade bait that is vertically jigged can help put a lot of fish in the boat very quickly.  When white bass are in the shallows, you can also catch them by casting blade baits.  Because most white bass are not very big, the smaller blade baits tend to be the most productive.

Use a Slow & Steady Retrieve

The easiest way to fish these baits is to cast them out and wind them in with a slow and steady retrieve.  The bait has plenty of action so you don’t have to do too much with it.  Just get it in front of some hungry bass.

Fish Them Vertical

When white bass move into deeper water, a blade bait can be very effective for vertical jigging.  When vertical jigging, you can tip this lure with live bait to entice even more strikes.  Smaller minnows work great and they don’t have to be alive either because the vertical jigging motion will provide plenty of action to trigger strikes.

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