Best Techniques


It is very common to make lots of casts with lures and live baits to try to cover some water and find more white bass.  Anglers use light gear so they can make longer casts.


Drifting is a very popular technique for fishing live baits on lakes when the wind starts blowing and for river fishing too.  Many anglers will use a simple bobber, split shot and minnow and cast upstream in the rivers and just let it drift downstream.  You can also just drift down the river in your boat to cover more water too.


Jigging is very popular especially when white bass school up in deeper water.  It’s one of the better mid summer through fall techniques.

Still Fishing

When you get on a good spot, still fishing is tough to beat.  Cast your baits out and let them sit until a white bass picks them up.  Just know when it’s time to move spots or you may do a lot more watching instead of catching.