Catch Bigger White Bass

It’s All About the Destination

Just like any other fish, some destinations are much better than others.  The easiest way to catch bigger white bass is to fish some of the destinations that are known for having more big white bass.  There are a lot of places to catch white bass, but some are definitely a lot better than others.  Take a look at our best destinations page for white bass.

Upsize Your Baits Just a Little

You don’t want to go too big, but an upsized minnow or jig can definitely help attract more quality fish.  You are going to get less bites, however, the bites should be quality bites.

Don’t Miss the Spring Spawning Run

The spring spawning run is the very best time to target a large amount of quality fish.  If you’re looking to consistently catch bigger white bass, this is the time of year to do it.

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