Crankbaits work well for white bass, however, you’re going to do much better by downsizing and using the smaller crankbaits.  You will catch some bigger white bass by using the same crankbaits that you would use for smallmouth bass and largemouth bass, however, the smaller crankbaits are going to get you a lot more bites.  When the bite is on, a well-places crankbait can be super effective for putting a lot of fish in the boat in a hurry.

Lipless Crankbaits are some of the most popular types of crankbaits to use for white bass.  When fishing 8 feet of water of less, lipless crankbaits are tough to beat.

The smaller, shallow-diving crankbaits are great when white bass are feeding in shallow water or the top of the water column.  In waters 5 feet or less, shallow diving crankbaits are good baits to use for white bass.

As white bass move deeper, many anglers do well with the smaller, medium diving crankbaits.  These baits dive down to those 6 to 10 foot depth ranges on long casts and they work great for white bass.

Deep-Diving Crankbaits will catch some white bass, but the problem with many of the deep diving crankbaits is that many of them are larger baits or the lips are so big that the baits are not as realistic as the smaller crankbaits that work so well for white bass.  If you can find some deep diving crankbaits that are smaller, you’ll have better success with white bass.

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