Best Rigs

The fish finder rig is a great bottom rig to use, especially when you need to use some heavy weights.

A well placed bobber or float can work great when fished around the docks and pilings.  Sheepshead will often feed up in the water column when they are inshore, and a bobber can work great.  In areas that have a lot of catfish, you may have to go to a bobber just to keep them from grabbing your bait.

The drop shot rig is one of the best rigs to use for sheepshead.  It’s so easy to get your bait where you want it by the docks, bridges and pilings.  By keeping the bait just off the bottom, you won’t catch as many catfish either, which is great.

A jighead is simple and will work great for catching sheepshead.  Just make sure you use a heavy enough weight to get down to the bottom, then you can bring your bait up from there.

Because sheepshead often feed up in the water column, a split shot rig with just a small weight is a great way to rig live bait.  Fish it in all the typical inshore spots and you’ll catch plenty of sheepshead.