Best Ways to Catch Lots of Sheepshead

It’s All About the Destination

Some of the better destinations provide some awesome fishing for sheepshead.  You can catch big numbers of fish with some big fish too.

Fish the Docks

Sheepshead love the docks.  Find some good docks with some deeper water and you can have a lot of success.  The higher tides are usually better.

Fish the Deeper Mangroves

These spots can be awesome for sheepshead.  The higher tides will bring lots of sheepshead into the mangroves.  You need some water here though, so find the mangroves with a little deeper water.

Use Live Bait

It’s tough to beat live bait.  Live shrimp and fiddler crabs are the baits to go with.

Find the Schools Offshore

This isn’t easy to do, but if you do find a school of these fish, you can catch a bunch of them in a hurry.