Best Techniques

Bobber Fishing

This is one of the most common ways to fish for sunfish.


Drifting is very popular when fishing on lakes or reservoirs and the wind is blowing quite a bit.  The wind will help you cover a little bit of water by drifting and this can help you present your bait to a lot more fish.

Slow Trolling

Slow trolling is a very popular technique and a very effective technique.  Slow troll with a variety of rigs and baits and get your baits in front of as many sunfish as possible.

Still Fishing

Still fishing is popular too.  Most bank anglers will still fish and some boat anglers too.  When you find a school of these fish, get your baits in front of them and you may be able to catch sunfish one after another.

Vertical Jigging

Vertical jigging is not as popular as some of these other techniques, but it can be very effective when sunfish go deep.