Fishing Tips


Sunfish are found in a variety of waters such as ponds, lakes, reservoirs and streams.  You will see them thrive in clear water and murky water too.  They are found around all types of cover such as weeds, wood and rocks.

Fishing Rigs

You can keep it real simple when it comes to sunfish, however, there are several rigs that can definitely help you put more quality fish in the boat.  Take a look at our fishing rigs for sunfish section to learn more.

Live & Natural Baits

Sunfish will eat a variety of bites such as soft plastics, hair jigs, flies and then real baits such as worms, crickets, grasshoppers and much more.  Take a look at our live & natural baits for sunfish section to learn more about what to use and how to use it to catch more .

Rod & Reel Recommendations

We recommend keeping it simple and using light action rods and reels for sunfish.  Learn more on our rod & reel recommendations for sunfish page.

Fishing Line Recommendations

Most anglers will use 4 to 6 pound line when targeting sunfish.  If you are fishing heavy cover, you may want to go heavier.  Learn more on our fishing line recommendations for sunfish page.

Eating Sunfish

Sunfish taste very good.  For many people, bluegill and other types of sunfish are near the top of their list for best tasting fish.  Most people that enjoy eating them will use batter and then fry them in oil.

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