Hair Jigs

Hair jigs are one of the better baits for sunfish.  Some of these hair jigs are too big for the sunfish to eat the whole jig, however, it doesn’t matter, because you are using the hair jig as an attractor to your bait.  Tip these hair jigs with a tiny piece of worm and sunfish will come up and eat the piece of worm.  It can be very effective.

Best Rigs for Hair Jigs

Drop Shot Rig

The drop shot rig is a great way to get the additional weight needed to get these hair jigs down to deeper water faster.

Bobbers / Floats / Slip Bobbers

Hair jigs work great under a bobber or float.  Whether you are fishing it shallower on a regular bobber or deeper on a slip bobber rig, you can do very well by targeting sunfish with a bait that sits suspended in the water column near feeding fish.