Time of Day


During the morning, there is usually a peak bite from late spring through early fall.  When water temperatures are colder, you may not experience as good of a morning bite.  During the cold times of the year, the afternoon may be much better.  Sunfish can often be aggressive in the morning.  You will usually find them shallower and more willing to take a bait off the surface in the morning.


Sunfish will continue to feed through the afternoons, so just because there is usually a peak bite in the mornings and evenings, that does not mean that you can’t catch them during the day.  In the spring when water temperatures are warming up, this is probably the best time for fishing in the afternoons.  For the rest of the year, just be prepared to go deeper or go find some shade when the sun is high.


The evening bite is usually very good.  There is almost always a peak evening bite from spring through fall.  You will find sunfish more aggressive and more willing to take a bait off the surface in the evenings.


Fishing for sunfish can be kind of difficult at night.  They will bite, but it is definitely tougher than in the daytime.  However, the rock bass bite can really pick up at night on lakes that have a lot of crayfish in them.  If you can find some docks with some good lights, the fishing may continue to stay good all night for sunfish.