Best Techniques

Sight Fishing

Because mahi mahi will often come up near the surface to feed and they are easily chummed into a frenzy near the boat, you will often be sight fishing for these fish.  Anglers use a variety of baits from artificial lures to live baits to cut baits and they all work.  The key is getting your baits in front of the fish while they are actively feeding.  At times it will be super easy and they will hit the bait right near the boat.  However, it won’t always be that easy.  At times, you are going to have to be a little more stealthy and the bites will come farther from the boat.  Some good tips are to keep the sun behind you, use fluorocarbon leaders and make slightly farther casts.


Chumming is a great technique for bringing schooling fish closer to your boat and getting them into a feeding frenzy.  There are so many different ways that anglers chum and a variety of different techniques will work.  From small pieces of baitfish to homemade recipes that involve pasta soaked in menhaden oil or ground up with menhaden can be used to bring these fish closer to the boat.  Once you have the mahi mahi closer to the boat, catch them with your preferred technique.  They will hit a variety of lures, cut baits and live baits.





Still Fishing



Trolling is a popular fishing technique for targeting mahi mahi.  Look for weedlines or any other kind of flotsam in the water and troll the edges of these.  These fish will hide under these areas and they will usually come out and attack a bait pretty aggressively if you can get the right bait in front of them.  Anglers like trolling ballyhoo rigs for mahi mahi.  Crankbaits, spoons and flies will also take fish.