Kenora Largemouth Bass Fishing

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Largemouth bass are secondary here, however, there are anglers here every year who catch some nice largemouth bass.  Some anglers specifically target them in the big Kenora fishing tournament that is held here every year.  Most anglers will catch them while fishing for northern pike in the areas with vegetation.  Don’t plan on consistently catching a bunch of them here though.  This is smallmouth bass country.

Fishing the Bays

There are so many bays in the Kenora area.  Some of these bays will have some good weed growth and others will not.  This area is definitely home to an incredible smallmouth bass fishery and there are a lot more smallmouth bass here than largemouth bass.  However, if you are going to target largemouth bass here, fish the bays that have some good weed growth and you’ll have better success.  You may also find plenty of largemouth bass up shallow here as they try to stay away from the many northern pike that are found here as well.

Fishing the Shorelines

Because largemouth bass like to hang out in many of the same areas as northern pike, you can find a lot of largemouth bass up closer to the shorelines.  You may find largemouth bass in the bays, but you can also find some of these fish along the rocky shorelines as well in just a few feet of water.  You will most likely run into more smallmouth bass than largemouth bass though if you are fishing rocky shorelines.

Fishing the Weeds

The weeds attract lots of pike and some areas will have plenty of largemouth bass here too.  If you’re looking to target largemouth bass, finding the weeds is a good place to start.

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