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Walleye fishing in Canada is as good as it gets.  On most drive-in and boat-in lakes in Canada, good walleye anglers can expect to catch enough walleye to eat a shore lunch every day of their trip.  We’re not saying that you’re going to limit out wherever you go, but you should be able to catch plenty of walleye up here.  If you are expecting the walleye fishing to be the same at every resort, lodge, cabin or cottage, you will be mistaken.

Do your research before planning your trip.  Everyone’s budget is different, but there are plenty of places to catch some nice walleye on a budget.  If you have the money to go all out on a fly-in walleye fishing trip, it is possible to catch 50 plus fish a day on certain lakes.  We have heard of 100 plus days as well at some resorts.

If you are planning a budget trip to Canada and you want to catch a lot of walleye, you may want to think about getting some inexpensive lodging on a good lake, then invest in a guide on the first full day of your trip.  It can make all the difference.   Some of the most popular drive-in fishing lakes are located in Ontario: Lake of the WoodsLac SeulEagle Lake and Red Lake.

Most anglers use a variety of jigs, crankbaits, spinner rigs and live bait such as nightcrawlers, minnows and leeches to catch walleye.  Walleye relate to the bottom most of the time, so keep your baits close to the bottom for more bites.  At times, walleye will suspend out over deeper water.  This is when most anglers will troll with crankbaits and spinner rigs.  Make sure to check the regulations in your area before you get on the water because there may be size restrictions, slot limits or even limits on what you can use as bait.

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