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Walleye fishing in Canada is as good as it gets.  On most drive-in and boat-in lakes in Canada, good walleye anglers can expect to catch enough walleye to eat a shore lunch every day of their trip.  We’re not saying that you’re going to limit out wherever you go, but you should be able to catch plenty of walleye up here.  If you are expecting the walleye fishing to be the same at every resort, lodge, cabin or cottage, you will be mistaken.

Do your research before planning your trip.  Everyone’s budget is different, but there are plenty of places to catch some nice walleye on a budget.  If you have the money to go all out on a fly-in walleye fishing trip, it is possible to catch 50 plus fish a day on certain lakes.  We have heard of 100 plus days and even better at some resorts.

Lac Seul     –     Rating 10.0

Walleye are king on Lac Seul.  If you follow some of the reports from the fishing resorts on this lake, it’s kind of hard to believe that this is a drive-in lake.  Local bait shops and resorts don’t think anything of someone catching 40 to 50 walleye in a day.  Some boats with 2 to 3 anglers can easily catch over 100 walleye a day with live bait when the bite is on.  It’s also probably the best drive-to fishing lake in Canada for targeting big walleye.  Anglers catch walleye up to and over 30 inches here fairly often.

Red Lake, ON     –     Rating 10.0

Red Lake, Ontario is home to Red Lake and Gullrock Chain of Lakes.  Both bodies of water are known for producing good numbers of walleye and trophy fish are common here.  It’s a drive to get up here, but once you are here, you shouldn’t be disappointed.  The walleye fishing is truly remarkable here.

Lake of the Woods     –     Rating 10.0

Lake of the Woods is massive and walleye can be found throughout the lake.  If you know how to fish for walleye and you go out and target them, you should be able to do well here.  It’s a numbers lake and there are a lot of very big fish here too.  Walleye up to and above 30 inches are possible here.

Lake St. Joseph     –     Rating 10.0

Lake St. Joseph is a very far drive and there are special restrictions for fishing this lake, but once you get here and are ready to fish, you’ll be glad you came here.  The walleye fishing is crazy good with huge numbers being the norm and trophy fish possible too.  It’s a big lake, but once you realize what you’re doing out here, you should be able to catch a lot of fish.

Pickle Lake     –     Rating 10.0

Pickle Lake is a drive, but it is well worth it if you decide to make the trip.  It might be one of the best action fisheries that you can drive to for walleye.  You can find some big fish here too, but don’t be shocked if you have to catch dozens of smaller walleye to find the bigger walleye.  The small walleye are fun to catch and they are probably much bigger than the walleye you would call small back on your home waters in the states, so don’t let the huge numbers of smaller walleye keep you from visiting here.

Eagle Lake     –     Rating 9.5

Eagle Lake is a tougher fishery than some of the others that are listed higher on this list, however, there are a lot of walleye in the lake and there are some absolute giants in this body of water.  Most anglers that come to Eagle Lake for walleye will usually try to catch a giant.  Fish up to and above 30 inches are possible here and you can have some big numbers days here, they just don’t usually be nearly as good as the some of the other destinations on this list.

Rainy Lake     –     Rating 9.5

Rainy Lake is becoming a very good walleye lake again.  The special regulations are preventing some anglers from visiting here that enjoy eating some walleye while on their vacations, but you can easily add a pike or smallmouth bass to the frying pan to give yourself a complete meal.  Walleye are back in big numbers and the special regulations are giving anglers more trophy walleye to fish for again.

Lake Nipissing     –     Rating


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