Quick Strike Rig Tips

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The Quick Strike Rig is set up to use a hook in the front part of the bait fish (lips, head, just above the gills on top of the fish, etc.) and a second hook goes near the middle top of the bait fish.  This helps anglers get more hook-ups without having to let a pike or muskie swallow the bait.  The goal of the quick-strike rig is to allow anglers to get a quicker hook set when fishing with live suckers and chubs for northern pike and muskie.  It also helps anglers release more fish that will survive to see another day as a result of getting hooked in the mouth and not the back of the throat.


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Best Baits on a Quick Strike Rig

Big Suckers

Big Chubs

On some waters in some states, you are allowed to use the fish that you catch as bait.  There are many other types of baits that you can use a quick strike rig with.  Once the baits get larger, you will get better hook sets with a quick strike rig.


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