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Tuna found are an offshore fish and they are found in pelagic waters of tropical and subtropical oceans worldwide.  Tuna are some of the most popular fish to eat in the world.

How to Catch Tuna

Tuna are caught offshore with a variety of different methods.  Trolling, drifting, chumming, casting and jigging are all ways to target tuna.  They are easily chummed if you know how to chum.  Whether you troll, jig, cast or fish with live bait, tuna are very exciting to catch.

Recommended Tackle

Since there are a variety of tuna and a variety of ways to fish for them, the type of tackle will vary.  You are going to want to have heavy action rods and reels though and you can be using line anywhere from 20 to more than 100 pound test line.  Make sure you have quality reels also to handle some of the long runs that you are going to get from the bigger tuna.

Eating Tuna

Tuna taste excellent and there are so many ways to cook them up.


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