Rainbow Trout

These fish are named after their pinkish stripe along their sides.  They also have black spots that cover the silvery flanks and the tail.  Rainbow trout are very acrobatic, known for their spectacular jumps once they are hooked.  They are a favorite of most fishermen because they taste great and provide excellent fights.  Rainbow trout can grow to some very large sizes.  The world record is over 30 pounds.  Rainbow trout are found in most states from coast to coast except some of the far southern states.  They are also found throughout the western part of the country and much of western Canada.


Rainbow trout like cool water, but they are found in many different types of lakes, rivers, streams and ponds.  Rainbow trout are very popular throughout the country and many states do spring and fall stockings of these fish as a catch and keep fish because once the waters warm up in the summer, the remaining fish will die.  They prefer cold water and they really shouldn’t be found in so many different places, but due to the stockings, you can find rainbow trout all over the country in so many different places.

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Most anglers get confused when it comes to steelhead and rainbow trout.  It’s not that hard to understand.

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