Catch Bigger Lake Trout

 Lake Trout

It’s All About the Destination

There are a lot of good lakes way up north that are known for their excellent lake trout fisheries.  Plan on heading to Canada for some of the best destinations and the bigger bodies of water are going to give you a better chance at getting your baits in front of several big fish every single day on your trip.  You just have to get them to bite and then get them up to the boat.

Fish in the Spring or Early Summer

When water temperatures are cool in the spring or early summer way up north, you can find lake trout much shallower.  This gives anglers the ability to cast for these fish with a variety of lures in water under 10 feet deep.  You will still find fish deeper, but any time you don’t have to look in 30, 40, 50 feet of water or even deeper, it does make it a little easy to find that next personal best lake trout.

Upsize Your Baits

This is basic.  Bigger lake trout will feed on bigger baits.  Upsize your spoons, spinners and jigs and you will attract some bigger lake trout.

Troll to Cover More Water

Sometimes, trolling is going to be the best way to get your bait in front of as many big fish as possible.  Set out the trolling rods and make sure your baits are swimming at the appropriate depths.  If you put in the time, you should be able to up your odds of getting a big fish to bite.