Catch Bigger Cutthroat Trout

Cutthroat Trout

It’s all about the Destination

Just like any other species of fish, some destinations are much better than others.  There are plenty of destinations that give you a chance a trophy-sized fish, however, most of the best destinations will be better for action than big fish.  Do your research if you’re looking to catch a big fish.  Take a look at the best cutthroat trout fishing destinations.

Fish at Night

Night fishing can be quite difficult and unsafe in many rivers and streams.  However, if you can fish safely and you can get your baits in front of some trophy fish, it is possible to catch some very big fish by fishing at night.  Some of the very big fish are smart and they let their guard down during the night time.

Fish Deeper in Rivers

The deeper pools will often times hold larger concentrations of bigger fish.  Every deep pool won’t hold a trophy, but it’s a good pattern to try if you’re looking for a big fish.

Fish Lakes

There are some bigger lakes that are known for producing bigger cutthroat trout on average compared to the rivers.  You may be trolling vs. casting, however, it’s a great way to catch a bigger fish.

Fish the Tailwaters

The tailwaters are usually a good place to start when looking for some trophy fish.  Some of the tailwaters have special fishing regulations also, which helps the fishing be even better up in the tailwaters.

Upsize Your Presentation

This is an easy way to target bigger fish.  Upsize your flies and other lures and you will attract bigger fish.  You will also get fewer bites, so don’t expect the action to be just as good with the bigger baits.

Use Baitfish Types of Presentations

A lot of bigger trout will feed more on baitfish and cutthroat trout are no different.  Other baits will take plenty of big cutthroat trout, but by going with a decent-sized baitfish presentation, you have much higher odds of catching a bigger fish.