Soft Baits

Cutthroat Trout

Curly tail grubs work well for targeting trout and you can catch cutthroat trout on them as well.  Because cutthroat trout are so aggressive, this species of trout is a good fish to target with lures and the curly tail grub will get it done when the bite is on.  Use curly tail grubs in the 2 to 3 inch ranges for the best action, although, a bigger trout will eat a bigger grub too.

Finesse worms can be very effective for a variety of trout and cutthroat trout will fall for a finesse worm too.  The smaller, 3 to 4 inch worms work best and most trout anglers prefer to use the floating worms when fishing for trout.  Fish them on a split shot rig or a drop shot rig and you should be able to catch some cutthroat trout.

Swimbaits can work well for trout, especially when targeting bigger fish because most of the bigger trout in every species will eat bait fish as a good portion if not the majority of its daily diet.  You are limited when it comes to smaller swimbaits, but the smaller swimbaits are what you’ll need if you want to get more bites while targeting cutthroat trout.  Swimbaits in the 3 to 4 inch size work great.  Just fish them slowly on a jighead and you should be able to catch some fish.  If you fish them a lot, your odds of bumping into a bigger fish goes up quite a bit.