Brown Trout

Spring & Fall

In the spring and fall, you can usually find plenty of fish move into the shallows with the cooler water temperatures.  These are the times of year that anglers can often have success casting a variety of baits in shallower water to find active fish.  Trolling is still popular, but you usually won’t have to go as deep during these times of the year.

In the fall, brown trout will move into the shallows to spawn.  If there is a river or tributary connected to the lake, many fish will move up the river to spawn.  On many lakes, brown trout will stay in the shallows through late fall, winter and into the spring time.

Summer – Open Water Fishing

Plan on trolling to cover more water in the summer as water temperatures get warmer.  These fish will seek out cooler water temperatures, so look for the thermocline and try to keep your baits as close to the fish as you can.  Using your electronics is key to finding schools of bait fish.  Once you do, make another pass or two through these areas and you should catch more fish.

Low Light Conditions

You will almost always find better fishing during the low light conditions.  From spring through fall, there is usually a peak bite that occurs in the mornings and evenings.