Fishing Line Recommendations

Brown Trout

Because the size of brown trout can vary drastically based on where you are fishing, the line weights can vary drastically based on what you are doing.

Lakes, Rivers & Streams With Smaller Fish

Most fish will be smaller, so you won’t need heavy gear.

Spinning Gear

4 to 8 pound line depending on what you are fishing with

Fly Fishing Line Weights

Small Trout (3-4)

Average Size Trout (4-5)

Big Trout (5-6)

Bigger Lakes & Rivers with Big Fish

You will be able to catch bigger fish and will be throwing bigger baits and may be trolling.


12 to 20 pound line

Fly Fishing Line Weights

Stay with line weights in the 5 to 6 range.  The smaller fish won’t be as much fun to catch, however, you are most likely fishing for big fish and you don’t want to lose a big fish.


20 to 30 pound line, some anglers go heavier too.  If you go lighter, you may have a tough time getting a big fish to the boat with how well they fight.