Catch Bigger Brown Trout

Brown Trout

It’s All About the Destination

There are some very good brown trout destinations.  With the Great Lakes and some outstanding trophy river fisheries located throughout the country, you have some options for targeting a big brown trout.

Take a look at our best destinations for brown trout page to learn more.

Catch Them When They Migrate in the Rivers to Spawn

This is the easiest way to consistently target bigger fish.  When the adult fish move back into the rivers, you will have lots of chances at catching bigger fish on average and in some stretches of the rivers, there will be fish all over the place.

Use Larger Bait Fish Presentations

Bigger brown trout feed on a variety of things, but they eat a lot of bigger bait fish as well.  Whether it is large minnows or other trout, brown trout are known for feeding on bigger fish.  To give yourself a better chance at catching a big brown trout, try mimicking a bait fish in the 4 to 5 inch range or even bigger and you will get better quality fish to bite.  You will also catch less fish overall most of the time, but the bites will be better bites.

Use Bigger Live Minnows

If you want to use live bait, a 4 to 5 inch sucker, chub or shiner minnow will get you plenty of big fish bites.

Fish at Night

Brown trout feed well at night and on some waters, many of the bigger fish will feed at night, especially in very clear water.