Best Rigs

Brown Trout

Bobbers or floats can work great when fishing the rivers and streams.  Most anglers will be fishing with live bait when they use a float, however, there are several lures you can drift under a bobber too.

The Carolina rig isn’t a very popular rig for brown trout fishing, but when the fish go deep, you can use the Carolina rig to present so many different baits to them.  When you need it, this rig can be a great rig for catching brown trout.

Casting bubbles are great for getting those super light weight flies where you want them without having to use a fly rod.  For some anglers, they are never going to learn to fly fish and there is nothing wrong with that.  A casting bubble may be your best friend if you want to combine spinning gear with all the flies that fly anglers have at their disposal.

A drop shot rig can be an awesome rig for lakes, rivers and streams.  So many anglers would never consider a drop shot rig, but it’s a great way to present a bunch of different baits to brown trout in a variety of different waters.

Jigheads are great for a variety of baits and soft plastics.  Most anglers will keep it simple with a jig and nightcrawler and in many situations, that’s all you need to have a fun day on the water chasing brown trout.  Rig your favorite bait on a jighead and you should be all set.

Scrounger jigheads are awesome for so many species of fish and they work great for brown trout too.  You can rig a variety of baits on a scrounger jighead, but for brown trout, you’re going to be using 2 main finesse baits.  These will be finesse worms and minnow-style baits.  Cast them out and retrieve them slowly.  The action can be flat out awesome and brown trout will eat them up.

Slip bobbers are very popular for live bait anglers when they are fishing for brown trout in rivers, streams and lakes.  The slip bobber will help you get your bait down deeper.  Just make sure to set the slip bobber at the depth you think the brown trout are feeding at and you should do well.

The split shot rig may be one of the most popular rigs for targeting brown trout in rivers and streams because this rig can get your bait down a little bit, but stay out of the rocks if there is enough current to pull it downstream.  The key is getting the right size weight with the current you are fishing.  If you can figure this out, you can fish a variety of live bait, natural baits, flies and soft plastics without getting hung up.

On many rivers and streams, you can drop a weightless rigged nightcrawler, minnow, corn or other natural bait into a pool with some slack water.  The slow free fall of your bait will get a lot of bites from brown trout.