Brown Trout

Brown trout have 2 dorsal fins including one adipose fin, a broad square tongue with 11-12 large teeth, light pectoral fins, a squire tail and 9-10 rays in the anal fin.  These fish are very popular among fly-fishermen in streams and rivers as well as shore anglers and boaters in the Great Lakes.  The size of brown trout will vary based on the water they come out of.  In smaller streams, a 2 to 3 pounder is considered a decent-sized fish while an 8 pounder is considered fairly average in the Great Lakes.


Brown trout like cool water and they can be found in rivers, streams and lakes.  These fish are found throughout most of the popular trout fishing destinations throughout the country from the Great Lakes to some rivers and streams in the midwest as well as in the mountains throughout the country.  On most bodies of water, brown trout will not be the primary species of fish, however, they are usually your best bet for catching a bigger trout on most of these same bodies of water.

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