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Fly Fishing for Brook Trout in Lakes

Brook trout are great for beginner fly fishermen and they can be found in many lakes in the mountain regions.  These fish are aggressive and will hit most flies in your tackle box.  Brook trout prefer areas of the river or stream that offer plenty of protection.  Deep holes, undercut banks, brush, log jams and any other type of cover in the stream or river will be a good place to fish for brook trout.

Spinning Gear for Brook Trout in Lakes

Spinning gear works great if you want to target trout with panfish-sized lures such as jigs, flies or spinners.  Live baits and natural baits work well too.  An ultra-light rod and reel with 4 pound test line is perfect for catching brook trout in lakes.

Get Away From the Crowds

Some of the lakes in the mountain regions will have some very good fishing for brook trout.  If you can get away from the crowds and find some of the lakes that are less pressured, you can find some very good fishing opportunities.  With brook trout being so aggressive, you will know within a matter of minutes if you found one of the better lakes that doesn’t get much pressure.