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Casting is a popular technique for covering water.  It works well for brook trout as well.  Plan on making plenty of casts with a variety of baits to help present those baits to as many brook trout as possible.


Drifting can be a popular technique for fishing on lakes when the wind starts blowing and on rivers and streams.  When the wind blows on a lake, you can use the wind to drift along and present your baits to more fish.  On a river or stream that is big enough for a boat, you can drift downstream while presenting your baits to as many fish as possible.

Drop Shotting

Drop shotting is a technique where you use a drop shot rig.  It’s a great way to catch a variety of fish and it works well for brook trout as well.  Use live baits, soft plastics or even flies and you present your baits shallow or deep and you will catch fish.


Jigging isn’t a popular technique for most anglers that fish for brook trout, however, it can be an effective technique, especially when you are fishing deeper water.  You can use a variety of baits on a jighead and jigging spoons are popular as well.

Still Fishing

Still fishing is a common technique if you’re fishing a pool of water in a river or stream.  It also is common among shore anglers on lakes and ponds where brook trout are found.  Cast out your favorite live or natural baits and wait for the bite.  It is key to find productive water for still fishing to be a good technique to use when fishing for brook trout.


Trolling can be an effective technique for targeting brook trout.  Many anglers will troll for other trout and catch brook trout as well.  If you are fishing a lake that has brook trout in it, you may want to downsize your lures on one of your trolling rods to appeal to some of these fish.  Spoons are the lure of choice for most anglers, but spinners, small swimbaits and crankbaits work well also.