Soft Baits

Brook Trout

Curly tail grubs are great baits to use for trout and they work well with brook trout as well.  The smaller grubs in the 3 to 4 inch range will usually work best, however, for some of the smaller brook trout, the 2″ grubs are tough to beat and for some of the big brook trout, you can have some success with the 5″ grubs.

Finesse worms are great for trout fishing and they work for brook trout as well.  The smaller trout worms are very effective and will usually help you target some of the better-sized brook trout.  Since brook trout run small, you may have better success with smaller baits such as flies, however, a well-placed finesse worm can be a great bait.

Soft Plastic Minnows work for brook trout. Many anglers will use a simple jig and soft plastic minnow or a drop shot rig.  Go with the smaller minnows because most of the brook trout will not be able to eat the larger baits.

Small swimbaits can be effective for brook trout.  Some of the bigger brook trout will often feed on baitfish, so a well-placed swimbait is a great way to target some of these fish.