Hard Baits

Brook Trout

Blade baits can work for brook trout, however, these lures will usually work better when you are on waters that are home to bigger brook trout.  If you are fishing waters with a lot of smaller brook trout, you may want to go with flies, live or natural baits.  Blade baits can be a great big fish bait though.

Crankbaits can be effective for brook trout, especially when you are targeting larger brook trout.  The adult fish will usually be more likely to feed on bait fish and crankbaits do a good job of imitating a bait fish.  A faster steady retrieve will do the trick.

The smaller casting spoons can be very effective for brook trout.  If you are fishing some waters with bigger brook trout, casting a spoon can be a great way to target some of these fish.

Jigging spoons are great lures for targeting brook trout in deeper water.  If you can find a school of bait fish with some brook trout around, a jigging spoon can be effective.  A quick jig and pause technique will get the job done and most of your bites will come on the fall.

Trolling spoons are great for trolling and when you’re fishing a lake that has a variety of trout, you may want to rig one of your trolling rods with some smaller spoons to help target some brook trout.  The bigger brook trout can hit a bigger spoon, but the average size of a brook trout usually runs small on most waters.

Jerkbaits can be an effective bait for brook trout.  Use the smaller jerkbaits and fish them on waters that hold some better brook trout.  If you can find some bigger fish, a well-placed jerkbait can get some bites.

Hair jigs are awesome baits for brook trout.  They work in lakes and rivers, however, they are very effective in the rivers and streams.  Drift them downstream with a bobber or float or all by themselves.  You can tip them with live bait also when the bite is a little tougher.

Inline spinners are one of the best artificial lures that you can use for brook trout.  Cast them out and wind them in with a slow and steady retrieve.  It’s as simple as that.  These lures just catch fish.

The smaller underspins can be very effective for rigging a variety of minnow baits for brook trout.  You can use other baits as well, but it’s tough to beat a smaller minnow bait on an underspin.  Cast them out and wind them in with a steady retrieve.  When brook trout are feeding on bait fish, this setup can work very well.