Brook Trout

These fish have light spots and some red spots with blue halos on their brownish to greenish sides.  Pale, wormlike markings are located on their back.  The leading edges of the lower fins have white borders.  Brook trout are much smaller than the other stream trout.  The world record is over 14 pounds, however, most fish are in the 6 to 12 inch range.  Brook trout are found in the western United States and Canada as well as in the eastern United States and Canada.


Brook trout can be found in lakes, rivers, streams and ponds.  They prefer clear water of high purity and are very sensitive to poor oxygenation, pollution and changes in pH causes by environmental effects such as acid rain.  They also need cool water.  Water temperatures where brook trout are found typically range from just above freezing to the low 70s.

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