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Sharks can be found inshore and offshore from the beaches, bridges and piers to the open water seas.

How to Catch Sharks

Chumming for shark is one of the most consistent ways to catch sharks.  You can often find shark nearby schools of other fish such as tuna, bluefish and mackerel.  If you can find some schools of fish, there is a good chance that some sharks may be in the area.  To bring them near your fishing lines, it is common to chum with ground menhaden, mackerel, sardines and herring, but you can use just about any type of saltwater fish to get their attention.  When chumming for sharks, don’t be surprised if sharks come right up to your boat as they look for the source of the chum.  This can be very exciting, but you need to very careful on the boat while chumming for sharks.  This isn’t the time to be washing your hands over the side of the boat.  On a side note, never chum where people are swimming in the water.  It sounds like common sense, but many anglers don’t consider their surroundings when shark fishing.  If you’re going to chum sharks up, you need to be responsible.

To catch these sharks, you will need some heavy tackle with heavy action fishing rods, large reels, full spools of heavy line with wire leaders and some strong hooks.  Some cut bait will do the trick.  You can free line it or fish it on the bottom and you should have some success.  When landing the shark, it’s a good idea to be fishing with someone that has the experience to help make sure you do it properly and safely for everyone involved.


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