Welcome to our Ocean City, NJ Fishing Home Page

Ocean City, New Jersey is a popular family vacation destination.  The beaches are what draw most visitors to this area.  There are 8 miles of pristine, white sand beaches that give people tons of recreational opportunities and a boardwalk that attracts thousands of visitors during the summer months.

For anglers, fishing is popular here as well.  Anglers typically target striped bass and bluefish, although, flounder, sharks, tuna, mahi mahi, marlin, blackfish and sea bass are also available.  This area has plenty of fishing charters available to help you catch more fish.

Inshore Fishing

Atlantic City offers plenty of areas to fish inshore.  Striped bass the definitely the most popular fish to target here when make their way into the area, however, there are plenty of other fish you can catch inshore here too.  Anglers target bluefish, Spanish mackerel, sea bass, sea trout, flounder and sharks.

Nearshore Fishing

The nearshore reefs and wrecks are home to a variety of fish. Anglers may find striped bass, bluefish, sharks, Spanish mackerel, sea bass and other species too. When the striped bass are in thick, you may find some boats targeting these fish nearshore in this area.

Deep Sea / Offshore Fishing

Atlantic City gives you quick access to the ocean, which allows you to get to your offshore spots quicker.  You will find plenty of fishing charters here and there are a variety of trips offered.  Whether you fish the reefs and wrecks or the open water, there are plenty of fish to target here.  Anglers catch tuna, shark, bonito, false albacore, mahi mahi, marlin, sea bass, tautog, king mackerel and wahoo.

Surf & Pier Fishing

Striped bass are the most popular fish that are targeted here from the surf and the piers, however, you can also catch a variety of other fish such as bluefish, whiting, an occasional trout or even flounder.  During the peak of the striped bass migration, the fishing can be awesome from the surf in this area.