Wacky Rig for Largemouth Bass

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wackyrigThe Wacky Rig is a great rig for catching largemouth bass with soft plastic worms and live nightcrawlers.  Anglers can often entice more strikes by hooking the worm in the middle.  This rig gives the worm a different type of action that can drive bass crazy.

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rig o ringsLearn How to Rig Wacky Worms with an O Ring – Wacky worms are some of the most popular baits for catching largemouth bass, especially when fishing shallow water or the first few feet of the water column.  Learn how to use them in the video.    Watch Video.

favorite senko for largemouth bass

Kevin’s Favorite – Senko (5″) for Largemouth Bass
The senko is one of the best soft plastic wacky worms on the market for targeting largemouth bass.  Watch the video to see it in action.   Watch Video.


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Live Baits Rigged Wacky Style


  • Leech on a Bobber – Small, Medium, Large
  • Leech on a Drop Shot Rig – Small, Medium, Large
  • Leech on a Slip Bobber – Small, Medium, Large
  • Leech on a Split Shot Rig – Small, Medium, Large


Artificial Lures – Coming Soon


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