Lake Whitefish Fishing

Lake whitefish are not as popular as many other game fish, but that is due to the fact that they aren’t available as much as other game fish.  They are a benthic, cool water fish, which just means they relate to the bottom and they feed primarily on Diporeia, which is a small, shrimp-like crustacean.  They also feed on some smaller bait fish and fish eggs.  Most anglers catch them with a single hook and fish eggs.  Whitefish usually spawn in the shallows in the winter and this is when many anglers will target them because the other times of the year, you may find them as deep as 200 feet down.  Anglers catch them on the Great Lakes and on some bodies of water throughout Canada.  They are an excellent tasting fish with a mild flavor that many people will eat even if they don’t like to eat fish.  If these fish were shallower for longer, they would be one of the most popular fish to catch and eat, but they aren’t an easy fish to get to, so you run across them, take advantage of it, but don’t be shocked if you never catch one of these fish.


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