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Snook can be found throughout so many different inshore areas.  Canals, mangrove-lined shorelines, docks, bridges and jetties will all hold some snook throughout the year.  Most of these areas will have calm water that is easily accessible for a kayak.  Because snook feed heavily at night, many anglers prefer to target them at night.  Fishing in a kayak at night can be a lot more challenging than fishing from the shore or from a boat.  By scouting out your fishing spot during the day, you will have a much easier time navigating at night.  Some good items to bring along for safety are flashlights, a cell phone that has gps with a mapping function such as Google Maps, some snacks and water and it wouldn’t hurt to bring along a buddy.  Whether you are fishing during the day or at night, snook fishing can be flat out awesome if you find the fish.


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