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The jetties are great for striped bass for several reasons.  Jetties are natural attractors for striped bass and many other types of fish, so you can expect to find some active fish in the area when fishing off of a jetty.  Most jetties are also set up well for fishing with live bait and casting artificial lures.  You can usually get much closer to the water from a jetty compared to a pier, which makes it easier to fish with a variety of artificial lures.  You can usually set up a live bait rod and set it in the rocks while you cast a lure.  If you don’t have a boat, fishing from jetties may be your best option for catching bigger fish consistently.

One of the major challenges of fishing from the jetties is that there are big, wet rocks all over the place.  The wet rocks can be slippery and very dangerous if you don’t pay attention to them while landing a fish.  Huge stripers and slippery rocks aren’t the safest situation to be around, but you can easily stay safe by wearing non-slip shoes or boots and making sure to pay attention to where you are walking.  It’s also important to watch the incoming waves that are approaching the jetty.  At times, a much bigger wave will come out of nowhere and crash into the rocks that you are standing on.


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