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Most anglers think of fishing offshore when they think of snapper, but some species of snapper can be found in bays and estuaries that are found inshore.  Mutton snapper and mangrove snapper are probably the most popular snapper that are found inshore in shallow water.

Many of the structures that are found inshore will hold some mangrove snapper.  You can catch these fish around bridges, along mangrove-lined shorelines, around docks and piers and even in the surf.  Anglers catch mangrove snapper with a variety of baits.  Some of the best baits to use for mangrove snappers are live and dead shrimp, mud minnows, small pinfish, small finger mullet and small crabs.

To learn more about targeting mangrove snapper inshore, take a look at this page:

Mangrove Snapper Fishing Tips


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