How To Keep Chicken Liver On Your Hook

One of the most common ways to keep chicken livers on your hook is to use treble hooks and relatively small pieces of liver.  Wrap the liver onto the hook and try to hook the liver in multiple places as you wrap it around the 3 hooks.  This will typically work fine as long as you don’t make too hard of a cast.

Another method is to use pantyhose to wrap around the chicken liver.  Tie it off then put your hook through the pantyhose.  This works well, but it can be a pain to get the pantyhose off the hook when you’re finished.  A lighter can help you to burn it off.

It is also popular to use thread to tie the chicken liver to your hook.  This method tends to work better if you run the thread through the eye of the hook, then wrap your thread around the liver working your way down and then back up towards the eye before tying it off.

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