Chicago, IL

Chicago is home to some world class fishing off its shores. This part of Lake Michigan is home to some gigantic boats and plenty of entertainment along its shores. This definitely isn’t a small boat destination, however, if you have the right boat, the fishing can be very good.

Salmon & Trout

Anglers target salmon from spring through fall here. In the spring, the coho are here in big numbers fairly close to shore. As the summer sets in, anglers will have to go farther offshore to find salmon. Coho and Chinook are the primary salmon anglers catch here, but steelhead and lake trout can be caught too.

Smallmouth Bass

There are plenty of smallmouth bass along the lakefront, however, they are very underfished. Because you can’t fish inside the harbors here and with all of the boat traffic from huge boats, most bass anglers don’t even think about coming downtown to target these fish, but they are here. Find the rocks and you’ll most likely find some smallmouth bass. There are some very big fish too with 4 and 5 pounders swimming along Chicago’s lakefront.


Perch can be hit or miss here. When they are here in big numbers, you will know about it because there will be plenty of anglers fishing for them. Some years, the perch are here in big numbers and there are some very big perch in Lake Michigan.