Lake Huron

Lake Huron is surrounded by Michigan to the west and Ontario, Canada to the east.  Lake Huron offers plenty of fishing opportunities.  There are numerous fishing charters around this lake that fish for salmon, steelhead, lake trout, brown trout, walleye and perch.  We put together some information on the ports that have fishing charter and lodging information.

What You Need To Know

Lake Trout are King Here

On Lake Huron, the salmon fishing isn’t what is used to be.  However, the lake trout fishery has grown into a very good fishery and there are plenty of fishing charters here that target them.

Saginaw Bay Is the Place to Be

Saginaw Bay draws the most interest on Lake Huron and the main reason is that you can catch lots of walleye in the bay.  Walleye are the primary species of fish in the bay, but anglers also catch perch, huge smallmouth bass and northern pike too.  We have an entire website dedicated to Saginaw Bay.

Huge Smallmouth Bass Live Here

Lake Huron is known more for its lake trout fishery and excellent walleye fishery on Saginaw Bay, however, smallmouth bass are here in fishable numbers and some giants live in these waters.  Anglers can usually find smallmouth bass near the shores along Lake Huron as long as they can find some rocks.  Underfished, but worth pursuing in several areas around Lake Huron.

Yellow Perch Are Here Too

Perch are mostly targeted in Saginaw Bay.  There is some good fishing in the bay for numbers and big fish too.

King Salmon & Steelhead

Lake Huron still does support a salmon and steelhead fishery.  The lake trout fishing is usually better in most ports, but you can find charters that will still go out to troll for salmon and steelhead and they do catch fish.