Flats Fishing

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Flats fishing is known as a type of saltwater fishing where you fish a very large area of shallow water.  We’re talking about water that is 1 to 4 feet deep.  Most people fish the flats from a skiff boat because these boats allow anglers to get into very shallow water (known as skinny water).  Once you get onto the flats and the big motor is turned off, you have to decide how you want to proceed.  While many anglers prefer to use a push pole to move the boat around the flats, there are plenty of anglers that use their trolling motor and some fishermen even get out and wade the flats.  Either way you choose to proceed, fishing the flats can be a very fun and productive way to target a variety of saltwater fish such as redfishbonefishsea trouttarponpermitsnooksharks and more.

Flats Fishing Basics


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